Grant Application Process

1. Letter of Intent to apply — Date Due: April 1
Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent to apply along with the copies of the following document:

  • Dept. Of Treasury Letter affirming your organization is a tax exempt public charity under section 501c3
  • Upon review of the Letter of Intent, invitations will be sent to those who are asked to apply

2.  Grant Applications submitted to be reviewed — Date Due: June 1

Include the following with the grant application:

  • IRS 990 forms for the past two years
  • Financial statement for the past two years

NOTE:  Grant applications will not be accepted if received after June 1.

Approved Grant Applications – finalist will be notified by August 1.

3.  Eligibility

  • Organization eligible to apply for the Impact 100 Crawford County grant must be
    • A 501c3 status organization
    • Based in or operating in Crawford County and impacting Crawford County residence.
    • Projects eligible for the Impact 100 Crawford County grant must
    • Serve residents of Crawford County
    • Expend funds within 12 months of awarded date
    • Qualify in one of the following focus areas:
      • Arts, Culture, Tourism – initiatives that cultivate, develop and enhance the cultural and artistic and tourism climate of Crawford County
      • Park, Recreation, Community Betterment – Initiatives that will restore, preserve, revitalize or enhance the facilities, surroundings and/or recreational opportunities of the Crawford County Area.
      • Education – initiatives that further the educational process or improve access to education for children and/or adults in Crawford County.
      • Health and Wellness – Initiatives that improve the mental and or physical well-being of peoples living in Crawford County
      • Families—initiatives that strengthen and enhance the lives of families living in Crawford County.
      • Projects NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE Impact 100 Crawford County grant, will be grants for:
    • Debt reduction or operational deficits
    • General operating expenses or overhead
    • Individuals
    • Endowment funding
    • Refinancing
    • Political activity
    • Faith-based projects which require a person to be of that particular faith
    • Capital improvements or renovations to property where the organization does not own or have at least a five-year lease.

4.  Review of Application

    • The Impact 100 Crawford County Selection committee will review the grant applications and will select finalists from the focus areas.
    • The Selection Committee will contact all finalist applicants to schedule site visits during the months of June and July.
    • Projects will be evaluated on program quality, community impact, and overall impression.
    • Finalists will be notified by phone prior to the press conference (date to be announced)

5.  Finalist Presentations and Selection

    • The Selection Committee will comprise summaries of the finalist applications to be provided to voting members of Impact 100 Crawford County.
    • Grant finalists will make a five-minute presentation (microphone only – no props) at the Impact 100 Crawford County Annual Meeting to be held on (date to be decided by Annual Event Committee).
    • Impact 100 Crawford County members will vote by individual ballot at the annual meeting and the winning project(s) will be selected by majority vote.

6.  Reports and Evaluations

    • Prior to the release of grant funds, each recipient must complete the Impact 100 Crawford County grant agreement form.  Grantees must submit quarterly reports on implementation and progress of the project to Impact 100 Crawford County Board.
    • When the project is complete, or funds are fully expended, the grantee must submit a final report.

7.  Wish Lists

    • Nonprofits that submit a grant application will also be sent a form to submit a wish list of items that could help their organizations.
    • These wish lists will be posted on the Impact 100 Crawford County website for the members to review.

For any questions about the grant process, contact Kathy Lasley at