Grant Letter of Intent

Please include the following in your Letter of Intent

  • Make it a brief, one page if possible, informative letter which summarizes your ultimate full proposal.
  • The structure should be a business letter.  Therefore, write on your business letterhead; be sure your organization’s address appears on the letterhead or add it if necessary.
  • Please address as follows: Dear Impact 100 Crawford County Board
  • Please include the following in your letter:
    • An opening paragraph that provides a summary with enticing information to inspire the reader to continue
    • The amount of the grant you are requesting
    • A short description of the project involved
    • Describe how your project fits the guidelines and funding interest
    • Give a brief history of your nonprofit and it’s programs
    • Give a brief description of our target population
    • Use a proper business salutation such as “sincerely” or “respectfully”

Remember this is not your full proposal.  If you are chosen, you will be asked to complete the grant application on which you will then give your full proposal.