Impact 100 Membership

By becoming a member of Impact 100 Crawford County, you are joining a community of women united in a common cause; to provide high-impact grants (we are talking $10,000) to exceptional not-for-profit organizations serving Crawford County, Missouri.  As a member you will  . . . (Membership Form 2018)

  1. 1. Have a chance to join an effort that will have a transformative impact on our community.
  2. 2. Become a donor in a group that will control how all proceeds are distributed.  Every member has a vote.
  3. 3. Become part of a like-minded group of women seeking to enrich our community in a meaningful and sustainable way.
  4. 4. Participate in the giving process; learn about the specific areas of need within our community and how not-for-profit groups are working to meet these needs.

Please select one of the two membership options:

  • o 100% member: $500 tax-deductible donation – 100% will fund our not-for-profit grant(s), to be awarded by a collective vote of the membership at our Annual Membership Meeting
  • o 110% member: $550 tax-deductible donation – $500 will fund our not-for-profit grant(s) with the remainder being used to help our volunteer-driven organization fund operating expenses

To become a member of Impact 100, your tax-deductible donation must be paid in full by August 1.  There are two payment options:

  1. 1. Pay the full membership amount via check (made payable to Crawford County Community Grantmaking Endowment Fund). All checks can be mailed to the attention of Laura Wallace, Impact 100 Crawford County, 106 E. Washington, St., Cuba, MO 65453.
  2. 2. Pay the membership amount in monthly installments.  The amount you elect will be deducted from your bank account each month via ACH on the 21st of every month.  Please note as referenced above, the full membership donation must be paid by August 1 to participate in the Annual Membership Meeting.

If you’d prefer to make a donation without becoming a member, find out how you can become a friend of Impact 100 Crawford County. Please contact Kathy Lasley at or 573-885-6772 (home) or 573-205-3045 (cell) with questions.

Name _____________________________________________

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□ Yes, I will commit for three (3) years and may renew my membership thereafter on a yearly basis.  I understand that I can opt out at any time.

□ I am interested in serving on the following commit(s):

□ Annual Event Committee

□ Donor Committee

□ Recipient Committee

□ Marketing Committee

□ Selection Committee

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